Chen Levy

Tel Aviv, Israel

A free software geek with (some) social skills.


  • Guy Sheffer

    Open Source Community and Physics student

  • I K

    Rennes, France

  • Tzafrir Cohen

  • FLOSS Weekly

    Petaluma, United States

    Each week, we bring you the best and the brightest people and projects in Free, Libre, Open-Source Software!

  • Free as in Freedom

    Brooklyn, United States

    Free as in Freedom is a bi-weekly oggcast hosted by @bkuhn & @kaz covering legal, policy, & other issues in the software freedom community.

  • Meir Kriheli

    Ruẖama, Israel

  • KDE Community

    Team creating free and open source software, offering an advanced graphical desktop and a wide variety of applications for GNU/Linux.

  • Jeremy Allison

    Jeremy Allison is one of the lead developers on the Samba Team.

  • pclinuxos

    Houston, United States

    An alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows.

  • Oron Peled

    Free and Open Source software.

  • Ira

    Ruẖama, Israel

    Skeptic, FOSS evangelist, sustainability monkey

  • Giasone Regna

    Developer, perfect lover, Computer Science student and ...

  • Duck Duck Go

    Valley Forge, United States

    DuckDuckGo search engine.

  • TuxRadar

  • Hezy Amiel

    Ruẖama, Israel

    A physics teacher and a science fan. User of free software, student of interesting things.