Carlos Laviola

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Dr. Matt Lee

    New England

  • Fernanda Weiden

    Unix sysadmin, Free Software advocate, music passionate. Crazy.

  • Robin Sheat

    Wellington, New Zealand

    Free software fan, programmer, (former) AI masters student, industrial and metal music appreciator. Now working at

  • Michael Gratton

    Sydney, Australia

    Wildly disjunctive.

  • Mika

    me = mostly happy.

  • joeyh

    deepest appalachia

  • Annette Strauch

    Expert in the study of European cultures (M.A. Volkskunde & Anglistik), languages, modern life and IT + everything to do with web 2.0.

  • John Sullivan

    Impending Doom, United States

    This account is deprecated. Please find me at or This account will soon be deleted.

  • Fernando Ike de Oliveira

    Brasília, Brazil

    Debian Maintainer and PostgreSQL Volunteer

  • Gustavo Noronha Silva

    Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Debian Developer and GNOME contributor

  • Screwtape

    Sydney, Australia

    Font nerd, photo nerd, Linux nerd, Python nerd, web nerd. I make great toasted-cheese sandwiches

  • Dr. Yoshev Omed

    I'm a Pentecostal Atheist putting on a tent show revival speaking in tongues & witnessing to the Word of not god but the Mammon of meaning

  • Your Mother

  • deejoe

    Anytown, USA

    I am.

  • Joshua Gay

    New Haven, CT. USA.

    I'm interested in free software & free textbooks. I live in New Haven, CT USA.

  • Bradley M. Kuhn

    originally from Baltimore, MD, USA.

  • Michele Ann Jenkins

    Montreal, Canada

    Sort-of-stay-at-home-mom with a dark past in info sci, sci fi, and sighing. Actually here these days:

  • Felix Crux

    Toronto, Canada

  • Edd Dumbill

    Fresno Crossing, United States

    I write words, code & make conferences. Strata & OSCON chair at O'Reilly, analyst for O'Reilly Radar. Open source, standards & data.

  • Benjamin Mako Hill

    Seattle, Washington

    Rebel with rather too many causes.