Thomas Gideon

Washington, DC

A peculiar character. and


  • SMC

    Hillbilly Biotech, Intentional Food Microbiology, and Linux.

  • murph

    Somewhere, NJ

    Just your ordinary GNU/linux desktop user. I'm also not half bad at Jungle Speed.

  • nybill

    New York, United States

    I've started a instance:

  • James Vasile

    New York, United States

    I work at the Open Internet Tools Project on anti-censorship and anti-surveillance tech. I also work at Open Tech Strategies, mostly doing consulting related to the business end of open sourcing tech and sharing the goodness.

  • Gary Richmond

    GNU/Linux user and writer, playing classical piano and guitar

  • Unhosted

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.

  • Paul Laroquod

    Shifter around of dots within various kinds of rectangles. [If a link says "Laroquod likes this" it means "Laroquod marked this for later".]

  • Karl Fogel

    Chicago, United States


  • Sarah Elkins

    Figure it out ... with me! Configuration Manager, Network Engineer, Knowledge Gardener; into dance, learning, teaching, sharing, and games.

  • jeremyb

    Brooklyn, United States

    @wikimedianyc, free software, open standards

  • Terry Hancock

    Rochelle, United States

    Columnist, Free Software Magazine; Editor,; Producer, "Lunatics"; Partner, Anansi Spaceworks

  • James Neal

    Berwyn, United States

    Libraries. Museums. Archives. Music. Art. Literature. Film. Digital Humanities.

  • Nick Clark

    Washington, United States

    Atty in DC, former educator, community artist; lover of pibbles, urbanism, seed saving, free software/ culture, the CoProduction Imperative

  • Curtis Adkins

    High Point, United States

    Lover of Open Source Software, Technology, Music, Mountain Biking and his lovely wife.

  • The Tor Project, Inc.

    The Internet

    Anonymity Online

  • Brion Vibber

    Portland, Oregon, United States

    Wikimedia Software Architect & open source web developer; MediaWiki, StatusNet, and other goodies! Current ActivityPub-enabled home:

  • Susan Pinochet

    Atlanta, United States

    avid computer user, former programmer, lover of good design, armchair philosopher, lesbian homemaker

  • Patrick Haverkamp

    Waynesboro, United States

    IT Tech and linux user,

  • Holger Durer

    South-east England, United Kingdom

    Father, husband, programmer. Interests: Free software, privacy and related politics, programming (mainly Lisps). Talk to me in English, German, or Esperanto.

  • Jon Phillips

    Global Village, India