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Two outcome voting blogposts

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Noticing overlaps between @Karl Fogel and @Mike Linksvayer's election blogposts, 8 years apart:

Get out there and vote for an outcome! Hopefully one that isn't a complete apocalypse.

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/me is scared... xD

JanKusanagi @i at 2016-11-08T19:58:20Z

Oh Jan, everything will be fine. The chance of a crabby, easily angered New York resident who despises the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution (Freedom of Speech, etc.) as well as the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution (Bearing of Arms) approaches 100%.

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Stephen Michael Kellat at 2016-11-08T20:31:41Z

This thread seems so quaint now :-(.

Karl Fogel at 2016-11-09T18:44:45Z

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