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Lisp Machine and GNU @ LP 2017

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I'm talking at LibrePlanet 2017 on "The Lisp Machine and GNU":

You may have heard of Stallman and the printer, but much of free software's genesis involves the battle over the soul of the lisp machine. We'll trace Lisp and the Lisp Machine's roots, from its genesis in early hacker culture and the AI labs, to the split that (largely) pushed RMS to found GNU, through its role within and without the free software community. Why did GNU become a "Not Unix", and why not a lisp machine? What about the role of Lisp within GNU, with projects like Emacs, Guile, and Guix? For those who are new to Lisp, there will be a mini-tutorial.

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Diane Trout at 2017-03-10T03:14:21Z

still yet to explore lisp - so that mini-tut sounds good

will there be a vid?

Michael at 2017-03-12T04:18:35Z