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Accidentally clicked a like button on a post I was neutral on and then clicked unlike, then worried that clicking unlike sent an even more unclear message than if I left it as like!

People get really upset about that sometimes!

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I wish we had stats on how many people unliked things.

Doug Whitfield at 2015-04-02T02:23:50Z

Mrs Manners says to click it 12 times in this situation.

joeyh at 2015-04-02T02:46:04Z

veleiro, Christopher Allan Webber, Kete Foy, Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) and 4 others likes this. This is why I have always found the 'like' terminology troubling.. often I simply am marking it for later viewing. I may even do this with things I disagree with and want to take the time to give a considered and reasoned response to later when I have more time.'s 'favourite' terminology is better but still not a great fit for me. I'd prefer 'keep' or 'bookmark'.

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