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What do you call a bundle of fedoras

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I'm guessing the answer is "a mess." Fedora opens up to bundling. Bad times ahead.

Good comment here:

Programmers don't care to the point that they welcomed Docker (which is "bundling on steroids") with open arms, red carpet and whatnot.

It's stupid, it's damaging and it's insecure, but sometimes you can't fix the world. Maybe after the containers will cause multiple CTOs and CIOs to get burned by old library versions we will see a shift, but it doesn't look like it will be any time soon.

Hurry up, Guix!

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My hunch is your preference was from Free Software and liking scheme, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something.

Diane Trout at 2015-10-21T22:59:34Z

The Guix software doesn't magically unbundle things, but us GuixSD package maintainers try our best to unbundle things when we encounter it.

David Thompson at 2015-10-22T00:17:21Z

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@cwebber, right, so it falls under category B above?

I humbly point out that the point that functional package managers cannot help with unbundling has not been contested. And that, if I'm following the discussion, the other point (that B is not obviously better than A in many scenarios) has been missed :)

But this seems like a good point to conclude this discussion in any case.

Apry at 2015-10-22T15:33:49Z

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@Apry Ah sorry, I did not mean to say that functional package managers can magically solve unbundling. However, functional package managers can "link in" the package that was previously bundled in the package or whatever, and it's still possible to leave that library at an older version if necessary.

But yes, it's still a complex situation...

Christopher Allan Webber at 2015-10-22T17:05:05Z

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