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T-Rex warned us all the way back in 2004 (well, not of this specific hack, but of the general problem) but we didn't listen...

Matthew at 2016-12-06T04:07:14Z

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nice comic .. I was saying pretty much the same thing when I first heard of credit cards back in the 1970s and I was only a kid back then.. its an obvious problem that always made me nervous about using credit cards, (or debit cards or anything else that has that same problem) I always said that to buy something you should only need to authorize a transaction for a fixed, agreed amount (the price of what you are buying)

no need to give any strangers unrestricted access to a bank account!

also if ALL parties involved in the transaction (ie buyer, seller and their banks) have to verify a transaction before it happens thats already a few verifications .. tokens could be opaque to anyone outside the transaction and totally useless to thieves.

is that too sensible for this crazy world?

Michael at 2016-12-09T01:58:46Z

James Dearing 🐲, Christopher Allan Webber likes this. no, banking institutions need to finally be held accountable. Unless we go back to cash only whatever replaces cards will be just as insecure

der.hans at 2016-12-10T03:19:46Z