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So there's that meme of Facebook users asking for a "Dislike" button, yeah?  Maybe we could have a new Pump activity called "Enraged".  @reality, make it happen.  !Enraged #groupsdontexistanymorethough #neitherdohashtags

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Facebook already has a dislike button but they call it 'Delete account' and it's quite difficult to find

David Nelson at 2013-07-27T16:10:22Z

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ActivityStreams already has a dislike verb, which uses

Owen Shepherd at 2013-07-27T16:10:42Z

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There should be an easier way to dislike posts, not just websites. Perhaps if some pod added Lurve, IH8 and Hip2 as inline buttons under each post (alongside like, comment, share, and hopefully delete/edit). Talking about hashtags, what technical problem is preventing them from appearing? (Same for links to websites)

Carlos Solís at 2013-07-27T21:14:38Z

hash tags need parsing out of the firehose and Evan has more important matters on his plate

Owen Shepherd at 2013-07-28T00:09:13Z