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Sorry, you just don't fulfill my social network needs. I registered today om just to see how looks nowadays. Not really good (compared to the old times), but in the past few hours I saw far more life over there than I see here in a week. Plus it had all the features that I loved when I started using identi years ago, things like:

- plain text messages (I have no need for formatting)

- simple tags - # @ ! (these make finding relevant notices extremely easy)

- groups, groups, groups!!! (essential thing for me!)

- 140 character limit (I like how it makes each note a small mind game to compress your thoughts into so few characters, but still say what you want)

All this was thrown away on just to get a single visible thing in return (probably more stuff under the hood but that's not something a user interacts with) - html, the nasty formatting, embedding, etc... I can't even simply paste a paragraph from a website to send it here, as it carries colors, font styles, even a background! It's so frustrating.

I felt so happy using today that I can't put it into words - I found how much I was missing the simple, yet perfect (for me) microblog format. The sad thing in all this is that the awesome community that was on before, has nearly completely dissapeared in both places. Some people here, some people there and a pretty large group that went to proprietary networks.

That's why I'm going back to *I'm not leaving though*, I'll still post here too when I'll have anything interesting to say, but it's going to be my secondary social network. Sorry, I think I waited long enough for to get back on track where was at the moment of the change. It's not there today and I don't anticipate it in the forseeable future.

Sorry Evan, JanKusanagi and everyone else who put hard work into making and tools around it - it's just not ready to use yet. It dropped/replaced too many features, that haven't been brought back. I hope that one day will be more awesome than, but it's not today.

I feel bad for saying all this, but that's how I feel now.

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Welll, as I said, being the first users of something while it's being built isn't for everyone. There is an amazing potential, but it still needs to be realized, and the work isn't going to be done just by wishing. Someone has to do it, and has waaay more parts and components than most users realize.

Just check again in a few months =)

JanKusanagi at 2014-01-24T08:00:17Z

same here as @cyberkiller: groups, hashtags, 140chars.

but instead of leaving, @evan, how can your fanbase support you best? what's your roadmap?

a working #pump2status (both ways) bridge would help a lot, too ;)

ostfriesenmärz at 2014-01-24T08:09:58Z

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Twitter is evil, it gives all your data to the US government. Also it's technically inferior (no federation, no groups).

Cyber Killer at 2014-01-24T09:23:15Z

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well, it's been 4 months... and still blows out of the water.

Sure old's look was unattractive, but I have always been a function over form guy.

Give me function any day of the year over form.

Make it work, then make it pretty if you can, but it has to continue to work just as well as before you added pretty, got it?

(think i pounded that thought in enough?)

Dennis Andrew Gutowski Jr at 2014-05-22T14:53:33Z

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