Dan York danyork@identi.ca

Tanglewood Estates, United States

Chaser of bright shiny objects and analyst of emerging communication technologies. Blogger, podcaster, VoIP security and social media guy...


  • invest4justice invest4justice@hotpump.net

    182 Mayo Rd, Edgewater MD 21037

    Invest4Justice is a non-profit organization based for litigation funding, legal aid, legal financing, litigation financing, litigation crowd funding, litigation costs, arbitration costs, arbitration funding which allows victims to obtain funding to pay for their legal case, globally, without any out-of-pocket legal expenses or becoming indebted.

  • ab11 ab11@hotpump.net

    Monacco di Bavièra

    I was born an I will die.

  • 1234asdf 1234asdf@hotpump.net

  • rpcutts rpcutts@microca.st

    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Optimistic cynic & amateur contrarian. Interests include sci/tech, politics, philosophy, most sports, sarcasm, beer, satire, and oxford commas.

  • Michele micheleannjenkins@hotpump.net


    Information Architectrice, Web Developer, Sometimes-writer, Always Mom.

  • Evan Prodromou evan@e14n.com

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • michael silverton silverton@identi.ca

    Sunnyvale, United States

    "We have to learn to think in a new way." - Russell-Einstein Manifesto, 1955

  • Sebastian Küpers pixelsebi@identi.ca

    I am an Open Web and Virtual Worlds Evangelist. I work as a freelance consultant and information architect in Berlin, Germany.

  • The Linux Foundation linuxfoundation@identi.ca

    San Francisco, United States

    The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.

  • dashlet dashlet@identi.ca

    Austin, United States

    Best supporting actress in a comedic drama (documentary). You want me on your dodgeball team.

  • philip oakley philoakley@identi.ca

    Stafford, United Kingdom

    Open source business software advocate at http://outserve.co.uk.

  • Joe Hildebrand hildjj@identi.ca

    CTO of Jabber, Inc.

  • Brian Hendrickson brianjesse@identi.ca

    Portland, United States

    dad, tennis nut, mobile engineer @GunDogLabs - co-founder @nozzl, passed W3C Social Web Acid Test http://bh.ly/a7 @structalapp @hashtraffic

  • shocm shocm@identi.ca

    Khaīrābād, Afghanistan

    Open Source Enthusiast, Advocate, and general FOSS Maniac. Making my living as a Systems Architect these days.

  • Kate Carruthers kcarruthers@identi.ca

    Sydney, Australia

    sometimes I feel like being a revolutionary cat

  • Robin Jakobsson rjakobsson@identi.ca

    Visby, Sweden

    Immensely interested by EVERYTHING. Makes up movie plots, songs and business ideas in my sleep.

  • James Cooley jc@identi.ca

    Currently hacking with Django, Erlang, Linux and MythTV.

  • Hippy Steve exador23@identi.ca

    Los Angeles, United States

    Home is now brainbird, where language and clear communication isn't under attack by an arbitrarily small character limit.

  • Andy Kaplan-Myrth kaplanmyrth@identi.ca

    Ottawa, Canada

    I am Andy Kaplan-Myrth, a lawyer based in Ottawa, working in internet, privacy, and telecommunications law. Where I am on the Internet, I am usually @kaplanmyrth.

  • O'Reilly Open Source Convention oscon@identi.ca

    Portland, United States

    O'Reilly Open Source Convention, the crossroads of all things open source.