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Seeking Collaborators for We Distribute

When I started @We Distribute , I did so in the hopes of covering all of the exciting development going on in the federated / distributed communication space. I somewhat envisioned the channel to serve as a topical analogue to the likes of OMG! Ubuntu or WebUpd8.

Coverage has always been somewhat spotty, due to my own personal time constraints, as well as the fact that I am sometimes behind on covering announcements from various projects. While I hope to once again get back in the saddle soon, I'd like to take the opportunity to reach out to my contacts within the space.

In #Hubzilla, it is possible for multiple people to administrate a channel. This includes collaboration on the integrated wiki (found here, in its sparse form) as well as post creation and scheduling. From there, We Distribute federates to Diaspora and Friendica, and cross-posts to, Libertree, and GNU Social.

In short, I am looking for volunteers who would like to write updates for their projects of interest (#Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Pump, #Libertree, or anything else), and help coordinate on putting together regular updates for the rest of the federated web to read. We Distribute is something of a meta-syndication, in the fact that it is leveraging the federated web to report on the state of the federated web.

If anyone is interested in this undertaking, please shoot me an email:

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