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  • gcosta

  • pedro

  • José Antonio Seguido Doblado

    Alcalá de Henares, Spain

    Open source philosophy...

  • AJ Jordan

    Seattle, Washington

    20. FLOSS zealot. GitHub fan. Ultimate player. Stack Exchange addict. UNIX philosophy subscriber. Sysadmin. Conference attendee & speaker. Freshman in college as of fall 2017. I am the primary maintainer of, the principal author of StraticJS, and a comaintainer of PRISM Break.

  • Manoel Nascimento

    Salvador (Bahia, Brasil)

    Eu mesmo

  • philslade

    West Sussex, UK

    oldbloke working gardener, obsessed with Climate Change. likes Transition Towns and similar societal responses.

  • dw

    Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • vitoranguia

  • Biensen

  • Stephen Judge

    Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland

    FLOSS and Free Culture advocate. Sucker for a cause. I'm also at and Website:

  • murph

    Woodside Houses, United States

    Just your ordinary GNU/linux desktop user. I'm also not half bad at Jungle Speed.

  • bblough

  • tetchey

  • -grillo.

  • jamesr

  • koyu

  • Rigoberto Calleja

    Ciudad de México | Mexico City

    Colaborador de proyectos de software de fuente abierta. | Open source project contributor. F6D6 AC54 AC7A 2FD0 6CC0 3AC1 8443 7929 4946 EB5F

  • jerigondor78

  • turing79it

  • PaulWalter