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  • Alien

    San Donato in Fronzano, Italy

    I am for Open Source and Debian's supporter. For freedom of all world people, and against Italian political corruption.

  • herco

    17124, Greece

  • Juan A. Alvarado P.

  • FLISOL Brasil

    Cinco Anzóis, Brazil

    FLISOL - Festival Latino-americano de Instalação de Software Livre - Brasil. Admin do perfil: @phls00

  • Charles ☕ Stanhope

    Portland, OR

    Software/hardware developer interested in programming languages, open platforms, art, diy, craft, music, making a living, learning, life etc. Trying hard to be part of the solution. See also

  • Bill Blough

    Orlando, FL

  • F0rkDnB0rkD

    A Home for the Heartless

    A Home for the Heartless is where the Homeless Live

  • juansantiago

    Vigo, Galicia, Spain

    Diaspora*: xmpp y correo: gnusocial:

  • silberhaeckse

  • paraskoff

  • Tupulpo


    Kliknij i zobacz co kryje w sobie DEFU

  • krokozian

  • elio

    Carpintero aficionado a la informatica - usuario de GNU/Linux - pintor y fotografo de a ratos.

  • nathan

    Waynesville, NC

    Entrepreneur! Online review management and automation.

  • Mugice


    I'm interested in sailfish os. I like linux. I was using manjaro linux.

  • airzett

  • azzamsa

  • S.M. Oliva

    United States

    This account is inactive.

  • ladykosha


    Роеt, amateur dancer, amateur actress, LRPG-player. Debian user. Emacs user. Delivery girl. My native language is Russian. Sorry for my English. )

  • mehdi