Eric Mesa

Baltimore, United States

Photography, Animation, Python, and Video Hacker. Oh, and webcomic artist.


  • Jawatan Kosong Terkini

    Kaolack, Senegal

    Lepasan SPM STPM Sijil Diploma Ijazah Master PHD layak memohon.

  • Herli Menezes

    Botafogo, Brazil

    I am graduated in Physics and MSc in Computer Science. Enthusiast of Free Software - GNU/Linux, Science, Politics, Art and Philosophy.

  • Ankur Sinha

    Sydney, Australia Open Source lover, Fedora community volunteer, hair metal fan

  • Richard Smedley

    Social entrepreneur, 3rd sector techie, and Free Software supporter. Amateur musician, and former professional organic horticulturist.

  • Steven Rosenberg

    Los Angeles, United States

    Steven Rosenberg writes about many things. I currently run Fedora Linux on my personal hardware, Windows on my non-personal hardware.

  • Mohan Ram

    Columbia, United States

    Huge fan of software that works and does what it suppose to do. Lazy, unproductive and likes to annoy people.

  • micuintus

  • Rowan Thorpe

    Athens, Greece

    βίδα director(Greek arts-org),writer,director,choreographer, producer,Actor(theatre/film),FLOSS,sysadmin,{,web}dev,Yoga teacher,DJ,Marathon runner

  • Taha

    Ouargla, Algeria

    "I use twitter i'm smart, i've an apple product i'm G££K": Poor people say all the time.

  • oposit

    Tuxpan de Rodríguez Cano, Mexico

    Un poco de todo, pero más de música, Linux y recursos educativos.

  • Bernd

  • alejandro Perez

    Douala, Guinea

    Linux fan, free Software activist , consultant, Fedora Ambassador Panama

  • michelenlared

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    / Open Source / backgammon - tennis player / User Android - HTC - / gnu/linux # 498226 - Linux machine # 409830 /

  • Billy

    Brooklyn, United States

    poet | geek | world citizen | moved to my own pump

  • bassburner

  • Ville-Pekka Vainio

    Helsinki, Finland

    Open source/free software geek, hacker, Fedora developer, FLOSS translator, metalhead...

  • Psychedelic Squid ( side)

    Unhinge the daydream door; delve deep.

  • Haris bin Ali

    Kampung Tongka, Malaysia

    moving back in?

  • Giasone Regna

    Developer, perfect lover, Computer Science student and ...

  • Thibault: “Cut!”

    London, United Kingdom

    I try to re-invent the way we experience comics | BD (bandes dessinées in French) and radio on any screen near you.