Dianara v1.2.3 in Debian

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Dianara v1.2.3 already in Debian unstable: https://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dianara/news/20140907T134837Z.html

Enjoy it!

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Fast as always!! Thank you! =)

JanKusanagi @i at 2014-09-07T23:26:03Z

I'll go ahead and get that copied to ppa:skellat/flow1 since we're in mostly terminal stage freezes for Utopic Unicorn now.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2014-09-08T02:53:50Z

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A 10/10 in efficiency to all of you! =)


JanKusanagi @i at 2014-09-08T14:19:55Z