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To welcome identi.cans to the pump.io network, the latest Puma (0.8) is in the repo today. And a new Impeller (0.4.6).

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For me Puma works, but Impeller is not working now.

Daniel Koć at 2013-07-12T01:22:05Z

Impeller crashes at random times for me. Today it's working, but tomorrow, who knows? Sometimes it crashes on opening.

dper@identi.ca at 2013-07-12T04:37:41Z

@Freemor odd that it doesn't show up. If possible, can you check logs after doing an Update Repos? Might be a clue in there. (Searching/filtering on "org.macno" might help. You can email any evidence to admin@f-droid.org

F-Droid at 2013-07-12T08:17:36Z

Puma works but is 'alpha' and currently neither featureful nor pleasant to use. Hopefully improvements continue to be made.

Kevin Everets at 2013-07-15T22:47:59Z