Freemor at Honesty the subtext I'm hearing in these posts is "If you want to have loads of captive users and make a shit load of money off exploiting them..."

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That's not what I'm reading at all. I'm reading that he's tired of not making popular software.

It's Free Software vs Open Source deja vu all over again.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-05-24T13:30:26Z

Federated systems are still centralized at end points, who here are using,, or gmail, yahoo, apple's or likewise. My point is people put trust in major players that trust is justified. In the end major players have most of the userbase. Federation is still in infancy.

testbeta at 2016-05-24T20:44:06Z

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Federation isn't dead, but it has to evolve into something beautiful. And that can be reached if people are working on/with and improving core principles of federation and distributed systems.

testbeta at 2016-05-25T08:19:00Z

There are reasons he got away from free software.
Updates. Security can be ensured (ethically) through patches and that patches go through is of prime importance and time not lost is time gained. Google Play comes to play. He talked earlier that there be a system which nags the hell out of the user. Build alternative.

While free software is great. The idea and people behind are awesome and cool, we as nerds try to control by not controlling, we set the system which isn't welcome to new changes >> federation. We free software people tend to resist change (which is natural for introverts, geeks, hackers), which is natural (change is). While pump and discourse are good enough for us, name one who isn't nerd, geek, tinker kid or hacker who is using diaspora,, or
Federation is great but securing a federated system isn't easy. Where do trust come from? Well in theory it has to be one and only that who can authenticate, key servers into play >> centralized.
There is bitmessage who is using that?
It takes awful lot of time to connect and downloading data and subsequently the real messages I am waiting for. Maybe developers aren't doing it better. Maybe.
Why libresignal people insist on using signal's servers? Why moxie denying access to third party apps (libresignal) is looked down upon? 
I think he is right, there is signal which offers security they claim. There are others who if he supports bears his name, a layman like me be like they must be same which they aren't. They didn't make same decisions moxie did. The signal he represents should be the one he put his best work in. The code he released under GPL. 
There are us who think there isn't no one who be dictating what I name my project, Right. Then him >> I don't want it as law but as goodwill or norm, for people like me i.e layman would know signal is what he is saying is than derivatives. For someone like say me libresignal looks > Signal plus free software, all good there. I be using libresignal than signal.
Who knows people who don't know much about computers or aren't from nerd, geek, hacker culture, who are converse via xmpp? All those running their emails, xmpp, pump, status or diaspora or discourse servers are almost entirely those for whom computers is where fun starts. Yeah there are people who have got started hosting their wordpress site themselves, but they are there because shared hosts like bluehost, dreamhost made it possible for them via their control panels. Again something moxie is doing bringing benefits of technology to those who aren't fluent. Read his GPG post.

There are things I wish moxie hadn't done like say being too critical of project naming or going closed source with redphone. But I am not dejected by him. I can understand/sympathize where he is standing or his position on certain things.
Yes, I have been inspired by moxie a lot, him being a sailor in same class as Moitessier, anarchist, his work on cryptography protocols. Signal. sslstrip and like. Hell, I wanted to be like him.

Call me an apologist or anything. This is something I think is how it is. However I would like to know what thinks.

testbeta at 2016-06-27T14:50:28Z