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Why do I authorize random servers around the world, with unknown security measures, to "change my profile" just so I can follow their account?

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that was an initial concern of mine when I first tried
although I trust the magic behind the process I'm still curious whether there is a simple answer for that.

mray INACTIVE at 2013-12-03T22:11:20Z

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AFAIK, the permissions are just "basic and complete" like that. Those can be refined in the future, of course.

If it helps, if you use a non-web client, you can add people without logging into (and therefore, authorizing) any other servers.

JanKusanagi at 2013-12-03T22:18:58Z

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Has this question been brought to Evan's attention?

Stephen Sekula at 2013-12-03T22:53:53Z