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Well, MS is clearly horrible, their closed/patented/secret proprietary formats are pure unadulterated crap, and their "we love open source" and "we love Linux" lines are just ridiculous.

That being said, I don't think it's fair or reasonable to blame $ENTITY when a program made by $NOT-ENTITY crashes or freezes when trying to load a file in that crappy format by $ENTITY.

Said program should handle exceptions properly, and if it can't load the crappy file correctly (to be expected, being a secret/obfuscated/overall crappy format), it should handle that and show a "I can't display this piece of **** of a format" message, but not crash or freeze. Exception handling is a thing for a reason, just like sanitizing inputs is.

Is that file (the clean version of course), something that can be shared? It'd be probably good if the LO developers could test against it, if you haven't already sent it to them =)

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