Testing Auralquiz 0.9.0 Beta, a music guessing game

JanKusanagi @i at 2016-07-02T23:45:57Z

Release frenzy! Hot on the heels of my other recent releases, Dianara and AkariXB (which, by the way, work on FreeBSD!)...

It's been a really long time since I released the current stable version of Auralquiz, my music guessing game, and it's about time for a new release, updated for Qt 5, and with fixes all over the place. Some wider testing would be nice!

Auralquiz is a simple game which checks all your audio files from the folder you want, reads their tags looking for artist/title information, and then asks you a series of questions about the artist or the title of the currently playing song. Only a short piece is played as a clue.

Git repo is at https://gitlab.com/auralquiz/auralquiz-dev.

If you prefer, here's a tarball for the 0.9.0 beta snapshot, but the git repo already has a few improvements.

The INSTALL file has details on the build process and the needed dependencies. Those are basically Qt 5.x, Phonon4qt5, and any decently recent version of TagLib. You'll also need a Phonon4qt5 backend, ideally Phonon-VLC. It can be built with Qt 4.8, but it would be great if people can test it with Qt 5. Plus, you know, Qt 4 is end-of-life =)

More information: https://jancoding.wordpress.com/auralquiz/

Cheers! o/

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