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Testing Dianara v1.3.1 RC

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I just tagged Dianara v1.3.1 RC, hoping to release the final version by the end of the week. Having some extra testing hands would be great ;)

Main highlights of 1.3.1:

  • Option to browse the posts of a user.
  • Privacy category in the settings.
  • Nick autocompleter shows user ID.
  • Pasting plaintext with links will create proper links anywhere.

Check "What's coming with Dianara v1.3.1" for more details.

Here's the current changelog, for an even more detailed list. You can find the development version of Dianara at https://gitlab.com/dianara/dianara-dev.

EDIT: I've pushed a few small fixes to master, so you should pull again ;)


By the way, translators for Italian and German can't update their translations at the moment, so if anyone feels like updating them, or providing translations to any other language, just let me know =)

It'd be great to have Dianara in more languages, even if only partially translated.

There's also an ongoing survey about Dianara, in case you missed it (link).

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Release time... I hope nobody found any big problems :p

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-08-02T14:36:06Z