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Or, in clearer words: if you add a title to your posts (if your client has that option, but most do), everyone, no matter which client they're using, will have a nicer "Meanwhile" feed, and much more useful e-mail notifications (for those who have them), so everybody wins ;)

Not to mention the fact that some clients have bugs that break the activity's description when there's no title, and interactions with your untitled post might end up being just "Jane Doe posted a comment in reply to." (yes, in reply to nothing) or "John Doe favorited." (favorited what?).

It's also quite sad when an untitled post becomes popular and receives a lot of likes and comments. Lots and lots of "Someone liked a note" and "Someone posted a comment in reply to... yes, a note".

Nobody should feel "forced" to use titles, of course. This is just a suggestion, but one that can really, really make the experience better for everyone here, and it's not that hard to follow ;)

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why not forcing it in the client ? like > if no title, alertbox : ! please add a title !

for many, it's not a problem, it helps ...

and to please everyone : add an opt-out option for that forcing > you would have to disengage the "force title" option in the settings...

olm-e at 2015-08-11T16:55:14Z

>> olm-e:

“[...] why not forcing it in the client ? [...]”

Sure but... in which client?

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-08-11T17:04:21Z

>> JanKusanagi:

“[...] Sure but... in which client? [...]”

huu... in those that can ? :)

olm-e at 2015-08-11T17:15:52Z

>> olm-e:

“[...] huu... in those that can ? :) [...]”

You'd have to convince everyone else ;)

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-08-12T09:28:55Z