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One Dianara v1.2.5, coming up!

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Hi! As planned, here’s a new release of Dianara for the end of the year.

Some of the main new features are the new Mentions and Actions feeds, which are basically the same as the Meanwhile feed, but with only activities addressed to you, and only activities done by you. Then, the expandable labels. Some of the information labels such as the “10 minutes ago” or “7 likes” in posts will expand when clicked, to show extra information. Some parts of that extra information were available previously in tooltips (when hovering with the mouse), but now that extra information might contain clickable links, too, such as user names.

Also, the way of showing when a post got to your timeline via sharing is clearer and more informative, and pasting a link that looks like it’s pointing to an image will ask if you wish to insert it as a regular link or as a visible image.

Check the release blog post for a complete changelog, etc.


Cheers! o/

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Woot.. Just did a pull and build.. Thanks for the hard work.

Freemor at 2014-12-16T22:37:59Z

Hoy mismo he hablado de tu gran trabajo. Sigue asi :)

talo at 2014-12-17T00:07:31Z

Acabo de compilar la nueva versión y está simplemente genial!! Muchas gracias @jan por el gran trabajo.

Naurim at 2014-12-17T13:19:29Z