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Testing Dianara v1.2.5-beta3

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Hi! It's that time again!

Dianara v1.2.5-dev has all the features I wanted for this version in place, pending some further testing and some polishing, so it's now been tagged as "beta 1" and could use some wider testing from more people.

The main changes are, as illustrated in the image:

  • New Mentions and Actions feeds. These are basically the same as the Meanwhile feed, but with only activities addressed to you, and only activities done by you.
  • The expandable labels. Some of the information labels such as the "10 minutes ago" or "7 likes" in posts will expand when clicked, to show extra information. Some parts of that extra information was available previously in tooltips, but now that extra information might contain clickable links, too, such as user names.
  • A different way of showing when a post got to your timeline via sharing. Clearer and more informative.
  • Pasting a link that looks like it's pointing to an image will ask if you wish to insert it as a regular link or as a visible image.
  • Option to create basic tables.

Take a look at the changelog for a more detailed list.

You can find the development version of Dianara on Gitorious.org: https://gitorious.org/dianara 

This can be considered as a "string freeze" notice, too. Hopefully there won't be any changes in strings until v1.2.5 is released, so it should be safe for translators to do their awesome job =)

I'm targeting the week of the 15th of December for the final version but, as they say in Debian, when it's ready.

After v1.2.5 is out, I intend to make some breaking changes, so next version will start the 1.3 series.

Happy testing, and thanks for the help! o/

Update: Now it's beta2, with a few small fixes and almost-complete translations =)

Another update: Now beta3, with complete translations and nice fixes for memory leaks by Gregor Herrmann. Thanks!

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working great ! now the mention and action tabs are working ... neat :)

olm-e at 2014-11-26T16:41:09Z

Now tagged as Beta 3, with great fixes for old memory leaks. These fixes seem to work great. Thanks, Gregor Herrmann! ;)

JanKusanagi @i at 2014-12-04T01:55:31Z