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List of Pump users by language

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I've created a new page under the Pump.io wiki, called Users by language.

It's a manually crafted list of some Pump.io users grouped by the language they usually use in their posts. This is intended as a resource we can show new users to help them find people (and organizations) who post in their language.

For now, I've added a few organizations I know, and a few users that gave their consent to be listed there. Anyone can help expanding this.

You can add yourself to the list, if you have a github.com account, or ask someone to add you. If you leave a comment asking for it here, I'll add you when I get the chance ;)

I'll just need you to tell me under which language you want to be, and a short description if you don't have anything written in the bio of your Pump profile.

There are other means of searching for users, of course, such as this user search utility in a PPump service.

If you know about some organization with a Pump.io account, such as the Free Software Foundation or April.org, you can add them to this list without asking, since they're public entities.


What do you think?

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that you, but a lot of accounts are dormant.

testbeta at 2015-08-12T15:10:54Z

>> testbeta:

“that you, but a lot of accounts are dormant.”

Remember people don't always post to public. Some people actually never do.

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-08-12T15:13:07Z

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*thank you and thank you.

testbeta at 2015-08-12T15:19:26Z

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thanks, this is appreciated!

Sandy Bucket at 2015-08-12T21:38:09Z