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Dianara v1.0 Beta 1

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I've released a beta version of Dianara 1.0.

The 1.0 sounds pretty serious, so I've decided to have at least one beta version first, while I polish some stuff and complete some features which are only half-baked =)

Changes include:

- Post editing.

- Ability to create person lists, delete them, and post to specific lists. *** (you can't manage who is in which list yet)

- Better posts resizing (no more splitters). *** (this might be slow in old computers!)

- Optimize image sizes inside posts and comments. *** (Needs more polish)

- Avatar upload in profile editor *** (actual upload is not done yet)

- Author's avatar in posts is a button with several options.

- Show if a post has been updated, and when.

- Show "To" and "CC" recipients in posts as links.

- Option to paste without formatting (as plain text).

- Make proper links automatically when pasting a link-like text.

- Option to quote comments. Selecting text in a post before clicking "Comment" also quotes it.

- Regular notes can have titles. (This helps a lot in the Meanwhile column!)

- Account wizard polishing.

- Some more text formatting options.



As always, testers are welcome. Cheers!

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“maybe you could mention the os that dianara runs on? ;)”

Any Linux will do (I guess). You have the info in the INSTALL file. There are packages for some Linux distros. All the info here

EVAnaRkISTO at 2013-09-17T19:37:26Z

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“maybe you could mention the os that dianara runs on? ;)”

GNU/linux. A few distributions already have packages, either in main repos or somewhere else.

It should be possible to build it in msWindows and OSX, but I haven't tried, and don't know much about that process :p

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2013-09-17T20:05:26Z

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@EVAnaRkISTO, @JanKusanagi:
yes, thank you. i just thought, that the info about the os would be the first i'd like to know when someone would share your above notice into my timeline ... ;) [also when anyone builds it for OSX i'd like to know, too.]

ostfriesenmärz at 2013-09-18T06:56:27Z

Gracias @JanKusanagi. Esperaré un par de días a ver si hacen paquete para Arch (yo estoy usando Manjaro pero puedo instalar las contribuciones de Arch con yaourt) y, si no, lo instalo "a manubrio"

José María Morales at 2013-09-19T09:24:22Z