pear picking

joeyh at

Raccoons found the ripe pears last night, so I picked one tree clean. Good start, will pick the other one later this week.

They'll keep a while, but I need to find more ways to use pears..

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First thing that comes to mind is pear wine. Yet having personally experimented with fermenting apples I can tell you it takes a lot of preparation, storage space, cleaning up, monitoring,  being patient, and staying positive even when the final result is disappointing. Not only that, alcohol can temporarily impair your judgement, alter your behaviour for the worse and generally make you feel like doing absolute nothing other than cause a nuisance for hours on end.

jrobertson at 2015-08-12T20:43:05Z

Ace makes pretty awesome cider with pears :).

The local restaurant that hosts our Stammtisch makes a pear and ham quesadilla. It's better with chicken. The fresh pear adds a nice accent to the dish.

der.hans at 2015-08-13T05:06:19Z