Sailfish Browser open sourced for community

Jolla at

Today we're proud to announce the first internal application project to be open sourced for community. As of today the code for the Sailfish Browser can be found in GitHub version control system at

The Sailfish browser has been built on top of Mozilla open source Gecko browser engine, using EmbedLite embedding API (also known as IPCLiteAPI). Our objective is to make this the first step to get official support from Mozilla Corp. to a mobile browser based on Gecko and embedded in Qt.

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That's great news! How about next step: open sourcing the rest of the operating system? :-)

sazius at 2014-02-11T16:45:12Z

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Came here to say that - it's the reason I stick with CyanogenMod instead of your OS.

Carlos Solís at 2014-02-11T18:51:46Z

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welcome to join the discussions in about open sourcing our OS and much more!

Jolla at 2014-02-20T14:28:03Z