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A new version of GNU IceCat is out, and it includes support for new operating systems: http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnuzilla/31.5.0/

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How about mentioning what IceCat is? E.g. “a program to freeze kittens”…

Debacle at 2015-03-09T22:37:06Z

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@Debacle Hahahaha.

Jason Self at 2015-03-09T22:51:21Z

"support for new operating systems"?

"New" as in, OSs that have not yet been written? I don't quite follow that...

Kevin Ford at 2015-03-10T03:12:39Z

"New" as in previously not supported. That directory listing shows the three additional ones supported now.

Jason Self at 2015-03-10T03:39:32Z