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We've just written to the European Commission to let them know that distributing Free Software without charging a fee isn't "predatory pricing": http://ur1.ca/et4b8

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thanks! it might have been good to mention alphabets, languages, and other such human creations that are shared free of charge to make the point stronger

Alexandre Oliva at 2013-07-29T11:32:21Z

Good point, will bear it in mind. OTOH, we wanted to stay specific to competition issues, and the letter is long enough as it is. Plus FairSearch's claim is so ridiculous that it nearly falls into the "not even wrong" category.

Karsten Gerloff at 2013-07-29T12:41:41Z

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Wow, thanks for doing this. I always find it confusing and frustrating when a group mistakes the collective creative power and interest of a community for business. They are kit the same thing. Free software is to software as education is to business; mistaking one for the other does both a great disservice

Stephen Sekula at 2013-07-29T13:24:42Z

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