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I usually tell my family and friends that we are building a better internet. It's not ready yet, we all would like that it would be already ready, or the first internet kept free, but we're working on it.

Then I say that I help testing it and trying to find bugs to fix and doing some translations and promotion. Meanwhile I use the tools of the future, and I'm already getting some advantages (e.g. encetption, or selfhosting, or independence from big companies…). Then I say to them that they can help too, for example, using it to communicate with me. If they don't want, no problem, we're building the nice internet for everybody, for them too, they can join at any time. They can be the first ones, or the last ones to join. If they join when everything works, well, everything will work, but they will be the last ones to come on board, and their names will be not written in history :)

About the other tools, the privative ones, I say that they are not my favorites so even if they find me there I don't pay too much attention because I'm happier with the other ones. For example, I use whatsapp with my family but they all know that I would prefer to use Xabber. We already use jitsi, and owncloud, and email. GPG is next. From time to time I invite them again to Xabber or whatever :)

I try to spread the word in a positive way. This is a long run. We have discovered a treasure and some times we can feel frustrated when people don't see the advantages or we suffer the bugs and so. But be patient, don't stop walking, and remember that we're a global community, you're not alone.

Becoming a bit phylosophical, this is the same task of spreading the culture of peace and love. The world is against us, but we're not going to give up. And we know that we're going to win, even when the task is getting people to the bright side one by one. Sometimes our work seems to clash with people's freedom (they 'choose' to jail themselves and so) but the fact is that we cannot force anybody to be free or to love, it's something that they need to discover themselves. Of course we can show some paths and collective knowledge, but it's mostly a personal experience. We just need to not give up, and each one of us do something. Each drop counts.

Cheer up!

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