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My son learned what is Pacman more than one year ago, because Childsplay includes a Pacman-like game to learn to recognize letters. But it was too early for him, he didn't know many letters, so he preferred to play other games.

These last months, he began to enjoy the Pacman of Childsplay, as he already knows almost all the letters. Then, he re-learned about Pacman because they're playing an (awful IMO) 3D animated series in the TV about it.

Today he asked about playing a Pacman game in the computer. I launched the Childsplay Pacman but he said there were no ghosts there (it's true!) so I searched a bit with "apt-cache search pacman" and we tried some of them.

We liked Hannah very very much. I recommend it.

I didn't said that the player was a girl (if I say from the beginning, he wouldn't try the game. Yes, I'm afraid it's like this, despite my care about his education, he will be 5 years old next month, and he already thinks (as all his friends and many parents of them, thanks for God not the teacher) that there are games for boys and games for girls. He already believes that I am a freaky person (and that his teacher is too). I said "yes, in our family we all are freaky, and it's a great honour".

But back to Hannah (Pacman), the only thing that he does not like is that it's too difficult (it is!) and Hannah is only one person, against 3 ghosts! He said "why is 'he' alone?, 'he' should have friends to help him to struggle with the ghosts".

After some time playing Hannah, I said "BTW, it's not a boy, it's a girl, her name is Hannah, her horse is ill and that's why she needs to get all these pills". But he said "No, is not a girl, is a boy!, look at his hair!" (he had long hair..., but yes, it could be a boy or a girl).

Later he asked: "And why the pink ghost kills? The pink ghost is a girl, and girls don't fight, they do other kind of things!" OMG, I thought. Soo long road ahead to walk... At least the game is useful to rise really interesting topics of conversation.

. #freesoftwareforkids

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You know, society as a whole (other kids, TV, other adults...) has a big influence on small children, even bigger than their parents' and teachers' influence. Don't worry, they change afterwards.

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