Laura Arjona Reina

Back to work!

Laura Arjona Reina at

I'm ready for a new academic year at the #University. Feels good to go #backtowork when you can use #freesoftware there too :)

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I kind of take using FLOSS at work for granted these days. I guess I better not leave academia... :-)

sazius at 2014-08-27T17:27:04Z

good luck! :D

(also *hugs* because it's been a while... :))

Francesca Ciceri at 2014-08-27T17:28:59Z

I'm going to start studying this year to became sysadmin and I'm afraid because I really hate Hasefroch and I'll be forced to use it and learn it. I love GNU, especially Debian.

Luna del Siglo at 2014-08-27T18:51:40Z