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Today my son came from school injured in his face, and it's not the first time. Nor the second :(

It seems one of my son's mates is a pre-bully, and my son one of his targets (not the only one, I think, but probably his favorite). They are 5 years old.

I'm glad that my son tries to stand without being aggressive (the other family has the worse problem, from my point of view), but I don't know how to handle this (and the other family seems not to care too much, "this things happen between children" and so).

I asked my son to play always near an adult, not to go far away where teachers cannot see what's happening. And make many friends, so they can together defend themselves, and ignore the other one.

My husband said that I'm living in a pinky fantasy world, and said to my son that first he has to say "leave me alone", if the other insists in fighting, say to the teacher, and if the other insists again, then fight back.

Tomorrow I'll call the school director and try to have an interview with him and my son's teacher. I don't want this thing become worse.

I'm very sad.

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Good luck! It's surprising how young they're starting :(

RuiSeabra at 2014-03-13T19:14:12Z

Or teach him kunjg fu ;) Joke aside, good luck to him... it's not always easy to grow up.

Olivier Berger at 2014-03-13T20:17:29Z

Ánimo y que vaya bien la reunión en el colegio. En cualquier caso, anima a tu hijo y hazle ver que está protegido. Lo peor en esos casos no es que te hagan daño físico, duele más el no entender por qué te lo hacen y el sentirse desprotegido.

-- at 2014-03-13T21:40:54Z

Complicated topic. I guess a balance between your way and your husband's way could be best.

Ideally, non-violence and dialog would be the answer, but I think standing up to the bully sometimes works better. And that doesn't mean violence. Just showing him that he can't step over you as he pleases.

If your kid can have lots of friends around, that could certainly help.

Good luck to you both!

JanKusanagi at 2014-03-13T22:20:35Z