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New blog post: I've applied to be a non-uploading Debian Developer

Laura Arjona Reina at

New blog post: I've applied to be a non-uploading !Debian Developer:

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*dances happily*

Finally! \o/

And I've just advocated you! :D (no sure why it doesn't show on the newmaint archive, though)

(also: super happy to have many application for non up DD lately, from well known contributors! is it contagious? or the promoting of the non up DDship is finally bearing fruits?)

Francesca Ciceri at 2014-10-04T08:14:17Z

>> Stephen Michael Kellat:

“What's the difference between an uploading DD and a non-uploading DD functionally beyond the matter of uploading?”

There's none. :)

Non up DDs can vote, have ssh access to Debian machines, can propose GR, can be delegated, can be DPL - or any other official role in Debian.

Francesca Ciceri at 2014-10-04T08:15:49Z

Stephen Michael Kellat likes this.

One of them has a defined benefits plan with retirement. The other one you can just post about on social media. ;-)

Stephen Sekula at 2014-10-04T15:21:08Z

Deberías intentar con este servicio que está basado 100% en software libre y protege la privacidad de sus usuarios. Yo mismo lo uso, es gratuito, es un proyecto 100% comunitario, libre de publicidad y malas prácticas comerciales:

Carlos C. at 2014-10-05T05:08:44Z