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One bad news, two good news

Dear friends
The bad news is that my fix for issue #458 ("You likes") does not work.

The good news #1 is that I managed to setup a instance for testing purposes, and I tested my fix (and realised that it does not work), and figure out how to really fix that issue.

So the question is, What do I do now? Do I close that branch and pull request and create a new one? Or do I commit my fixes and that's all?

In any case history is messed up (wether in commit log or in issue tracker).

The good news #2 is that for now on I'll test my fixes before than creating a pull request.
Sorry for the inconveniences until now.

mray INACTIVE, libre likes this.

Thanks for all your efforts

Sander at 2013-07-24T22:55:55Z

Ok, I've commited changes and I think now it works.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-07-25T00:12:22Z

Animo Laura y felicitaciones por tu iniciativa

libre at 2013-07-25T00:53:14Z

I don't think history is messed up. Did your fix merge onto master branch? Only in that case, it is advisable to revert the failed commit, then commit the working fix. Otherwise, unmerged branches are mostly ignored (i.e. not visible in master log.) But I am not a github user.

Paco Vila at 2013-07-26T22:02:52Z