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I came back here to delete my account. Turns out I can't, so I guess posting why I wanted to delete my account and never return is the only way to make the statement I wished to make by deleting. I am not against the idea of rebranding & migration, but it has to be done right. A few tests I just did have confirmed that all links to individual Identica posts and conversations are now broken 404. It is not enough to preserve content; one must also preserve the oriiginal canonical URLs or else on breaks the history of the web. Why should I put any more work into posting here, and linking other people to my posts on here, when it seems quite likely that another rebranding and/or migration in the future will just go ahead and break all THOSE links. I had already quit participating here *temporarily* due to what I perceived to be short-term logistical issues, but now there is a trust issue, and that is much harder to overcome. I'd like to delete my account and never return. Certainly I will be suspicioius of any future attempts to get me to join anything on the web from the same people who treated my former contributions so cavalierly. Thanks for reading, the end. #Identica

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This is my first time using the new interface, so I'm sorry that I don't know how to namecheck people and ended up posting the above notice twice. In answer to some of the comments above:

If you think I came here to rant, please recall that I came here to delete my account, and was thwarted.

If you think 'microblogging is transient' then I don't want to use any microblogging platform you would create. I don't even feel the need to explain why -- this is a no-brainer.

If you think I just don't understand free software, maybe free software just doesn't understand me and will therefore never win me over as a user -- didja ever think that maybe I have absolutely no obligation to be here? That's the way I think and the way most people think. But of course that isn't true, because plenty of people who make free software understand the importance of canonical URLs, in fact there is pretty much no one on the planet who is more anal about the importance of preserving canonical URLs than the free software crowd. I'd be VERY surprised if I were the first to complain about this.

As for other complaints about, about those I have no clue. I am using it for the first time yesterday and today.

Finally to Evan, thanks for the response, I do appreciate the personal interaction. The tests I did showed that both notice and conversation URLs were broken. You say you tried to perserve them, it clearly didn't work very reliably, this is months into your product cycle and the low priority you have shown this issue, even if you didn't intend for it to happen, combined with the inability to delete my account at this stage, kind of shows me where your bread is buttered and without wanting to get into a big debate over it (I don't want to return here really) your priorities do not match what I would want to see in a developer. Please do delete my account along with the others who have asked, to whatever extent possible in your system. I'm not going to stomp my feet if there are vestiges left over -- I just don't want to publically appear to be an active user anymore, because that signifies support.


Paul Laroquod at 2013-08-18T13:00:46Z

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Good points, Paul. Thx.

simsa0 at 2013-08-18T16:37:14Z

Where do you get a social network these days, where your account will actually get deleted if you don't like its features?

Use *that* freedom of regarding it as the ultimate feature that just wasn't good enough for you.

If you quit for something better please let me know, because I'm in search of a free decentralised microblog service other than diaspora and friendica (both of them have things that bother *me*)!

mray INACTIVE at 2013-08-19T21:04:20Z

Paul - you're right. If individual dents are not preserved (and I suspect it's a significant number not just 1 or 2 that got dropped), it rather begs the question - ' What on earth was the point of the protracted migration ?'

Sorry to see you go but fully understand your reasoning and your post has even got me thinking.

Andy C at 2013-08-20T09:37:38Z

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