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I still don't 'understand' pumpio's user interface.

I commented to a dent of a person I follow. He answered by 'posted a comment in reply to a comment' as the activity panel on the right told me. (I thought I can only comment to a posting, no to a comment). I clicked the link and read what he had written. His comment appears as a new initial posting, not as a comment

But his comment on my comment doesn't appear in my normal TL. I probably would have missed his answer normally.

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further this panel on the right is absolutely useless… "foobar favorited a note", "foobar favorited a note", "foobar favorited a note", "foobar favorited a note" - STFU OR TELL ME WHAT NOTE! I don't want to read that something happend over and over again. i want to read WHAT happend

Dr. Azrael Tod at 2013-07-22T07:31:31Z

oh great… and newlines in comments aren't displayed -.- yeah, right… calling something like nl2br in the frontend would be waste of ressources anyway.

Dr. Azrael Tod at 2013-07-22T07:33:50Z

/me does not feel alone anymore. I never got any of this either.

mray INACTIVE at 2013-07-22T12:51:23Z

Uuh, thanks for your comments. I must admit I didn't notice your comments until now (2 weeks later). Even though commenting on a note is nothing special. I would of course have seen your comments if I had scrolled back in my timeline later, but I only did this just now.

McScx at 2013-08-07T20:37:29Z