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How's this for #fossworldproblems? The blogpost you were writing about approaching the second funding milestone is outdated because YOU PASSED IT!

Nice job everyone! Let's see how high we can get before the end of the campaign tomorrow! More updates soon!

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What is this premium hosting thing unlocked?

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-04-17T22:10:16Z

Good question. So the plan on "premium hosting" reward unlocked is that we'll be opening that option after the campaign is over as the single, only reward option available. We'll mention that tomorrow in an official blogpost (was mentioned also earlier in the week as a possibility) and will have more to say about that next week.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2014-04-17T22:13:16Z

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That'll give time for people to, you know, actually get the reward, as well as time for us to plan it out a bit better.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2014-04-17T22:15:13Z