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@dbs how's withknown working out for you 3 months in? I see lots of posts on your site, but can't tell for sure if that's only because you are mirroring twitter there (including not being sure if mirroring twitter is actually what you are doing) or because you're actively using and loving withknown. Thanks!

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@mlinksva I'm actively using Known, and considering taking my very moribund s9y-based blog and moving the whole thing over to Known, as it supports long-form as well as short status updates. A lot of what you see currently is me using Known as a way to post to Twitter, because many of my peeps are there (especially at conferences), but the content is syndicated from my Known instance to Twitter.

Pros: it supports posting from Firefox on Android (something I still can't do with identi.ca, alas; had to open up my laptop to respond to you!). It has some smarts when interacting with Twitter (for example, automatically filling in @ nicks when you paste in the Twitter URL to which you're replying).

I like that the code is relatively easy to jump into; haven't made any really significant contributions yet, but I'm hoping to integrate RDFa + schema.org on top of the existing microformats.

Cons: not yet seeing much (anything) in the way of a loosely coupled social network developing. But that could just be because it's early days and there aren't many people interested in conversing with a linked-data-oriented librarian :)

Dan Scott at 2014-12-17T03:04:02Z

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@dbs thanks for the update/review/info! I think I'm going to have to try Known for myself.

I'm interested in conversing with linked-data-oriented librarians. :)

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-12-17T03:15:03Z

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Do you hang out in the code4lib spaces, Mike?

Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon] at 2014-12-17T05:17:16Z

No. I know code4lib exists and what blog posts and such I've seen associated with that community I've liked. I should have written "I enjoy" rather than "I'm interested in" as I haven't really sought out such conversations but do find plenty to talk about when they occur.

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-12-17T05:52:37Z