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http://www.libretrend.com/en/store/librebox blobfree apparently. I don't know anything about hardware prices these days, how is it?

Ships with Trisquel, Ubuntu MATE, or nothing.

Noticed in news which led to https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-hardware-partnership-with-libretrend/

I see two preinstall hardware vendors who are apparently project sponsors linked at the bottom of https://ubuntu-mate.org/ (though only sponsor status is mentioned, not that they sell computers with Ubuntu MATE preinstalled). Well, that's better than most ~distro home pages, which have zero indication of how to buy preinstalls.

Separately, noticed
http://betanews.com/2015/07/02/intel-compute-stick-with-ubuntu-finally-available-from-next-week/ and http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/lenovo-thinkpad-l450-comes-with-ubu...

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It still has a proprietary BIOS so their statement of "without any Blob or Proprietary Firmware" really isn't true. If you see Intel's name on something, you should automatically assume it's not going to be free, with certain small exceptions. Just sayin'...

Jason Self at 2015-07-08T01:59:53Z

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Hrm, thanks for pointing that out. I guess the same is (not really) true of ThinkPenguin's "Not dependent on binary blobs, or proprietary drivers-firmware"

Mike Linksvayer at 2015-07-08T02:59:32Z

In that case, such people should remove claims such as "without any Blob or Proprietary Firmware." That's my point. :)

Jason Self at 2015-07-08T12:53:45Z

@stumbles and @jxself I completely agree with both of you. :) I fully recognize progress, even more problematic progress (such as GNU/Linux pre-installs with lots of blobs in addition to BIOS; I'm guessing the last two links in my note above are such) but I also want total transparency and no less than totally true claims made.

Mike Linksvayer at 2015-07-08T19:20:39Z

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