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    Happy New Year dear identicats! Federation 23 🖖🏻
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    Good #tzag ☕
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    HAPPY TOWEL DAY !!! /cc !glubb


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    RC Tie Interceptor - Dark wings: via @YouTube
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    Still fiddling to get a client working with #redmatrix - preferable AndStatus. Cannot connect with this as well the old Friendica client. Mustard at least displays the timeline but cannot post.
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    Red Matrix' twitter post connector does URL shortening via by default ?!
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    The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who is Going Broke - ProPublica
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    Thanks to #keybase I increased the number of physical known buddies to communicate with pgp-encrypted up to two persons.

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    I need to look into keybase. I immediately dismissed it the first time I saw it. I may have judged too quickly.

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    So I lost overview. Is it possible to connect from Diaspora* to RedMatrix and/or PumpIO or not at all?

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    RedMatrix is like Friendica in that it connects to basically everything. IIUC, that includes both Diaspora and D and p can't connect to each other though.

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    “We kill people based on metadata.” – General Michael Hayden

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    Happy New Year 2015 !!!



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    Crossposting keeps to be tricky.

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    Life with StatusNet ... a personal experience (part 2)

    Life with StatusNet ... a personal experience

    federated I'd like to continue this review about my introspective experience with StatusNet. The first part ended when I was setting it up to an OStatus node. As this happened nearly two years ago it's not so easy to write down in a few words how meaningful that was. I not only think of the exploration of SN's technical aspects, rather more of that it really changed things in my life. I'll try to keep this overview about the passed two years short and then furthermore continue with notes from an actual state of things or pick up specific topics which come to my mind. So that the instance was running OStatus federated it was a complete new experience. Quickly the contacts decreased and there was a lot of conversation about technical knowledge but also the federation spirit. We all had a lot to do. Soon it was clear that not everything would run out of the box. Sometimes things turned out quite frustrating. But on the other hand this led to a help- and powerful community from which one could learn a lot. The year 2012 was really a great one. I learned to know a lot of nice people and also there were still a few "real life" buddies who were around. There were still some private groups ported from the passed away non-public instance. Sadly my mates did not jump on the federation thing. SN evangelization is a story of its own. People just don't understand or even ain't willing. Over the months I became more and more frustrated by this ignorance and I was communicating more with SN people than the "real life" ones. At this time I used the gwibber multiprotocoll client a lot. It was still working with facebook/twitter and so I could hold contact to the people there in one single application. It was interesting to see how different I used the platforms. I never posted personal stuff to facebook although my profile was only non-public anyway but I did this to the SN timeline. Within this year I also tried out Friendica amongst other feds. I never figured out how to get it federated well with other networks. That's sad because this goal of Friendica would be exactly what I'm looking for. I think this is the reason that people come to the point to make a decision for one network. It's annoying to maintain several instances, if the result does not satisfy completely. For a while it was ok for me to go on with a SN and Friendica instance. I used Gwibber and Mustard to keep up with the decentralized networks and also, facebook and twitter. Also I held contact to Gmail and facebook people over XMPP. Then early 2013 began the troubled times. New twitter API and changes in facebook made gwibber useless for it. Google brought in Hangouts which does not use XMPP anymore. And then as killer we were informed about's migration to the new platform which could be expected as a dramatic cut for the SN network. All this really pissed me off. But it turned out that the pump migration was not initial for a slow death of the SN network. Quite some buddies moved their accounts when the migration was to come. So my timeline did not change really that much. Of course there were identicats missing who stayed there. Then more new SN instances came up, groups were rebuilt and more people joined the federated network again. Great news was that StatusNet would live on in the GnuSocial project. It was amazing to see the strength of a decentralized system, the fact that it will survive, even if its biggest node is closed. And so it is. At the end 2013 we're still denting to the timelines. May the circle remain unbroken ... !vivalafederation #statusnet


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    How to make Lebkuchen

    How to make Lebkuchen with walnuts and chocolate coating Gingerbread on wafers (no ginger inside)

    Image/photo Image/photo

    Consistence of the nuts


    Consistence of candied lemon/orange peel



    Okay ... this post is broken. Guess too messed up with pics.

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    Life with StatusNet ... a personal experience (part 1)

    Life with StatusNet ... a personal experience

    Time goes by so fast and on the interwebz it seems to go even faster. I always wanted to write down some of my thoughts about StatusNet. As it is I never managed and so some "eras" of my personal expereince with this network passed away and others came up ... undocumented.

    I first got in touch with StatusNet quite some years ago and this must have been at an early state of this awesome project (around 2008...?). I came over it when I searched for some alternatives for a common board software. If I remember correctly I did find it on the GnuSocial site, not the official one. I loaded it down and didn't understand a lot. So it never came to an experiment. Anyway it would have been on a shared hosting planned as a private board and would not have been what StatusNet is able to be.

    In early 2011 I was given an HTC G1 android device and also around this time I looked at the facebook, which beside its fascinating possibilities quickly turned out its annoying side effects as mySpace did before. At this time I had no twitter or account and the microblogging world was somehow new for me. As I am not really an extroverted person I still was looking for a private platform for "real life" (I prefer "physically known") friends. So I installed SN the first time on a shared hosting as a non-public site. It was working and me and an android affine friend were amazed to have our own social network powered by mustard on our android cellphones. Of course it suffered from the difficulty to involve more friends into it. At this point I had no idea of the federation powers of OStatus.

    Soon it was clear, that running StatusNet on a shared hosting service will not satisfy. Too many technical borders occur to bring in the full possible fun SN is able to offer. So it was moved to a VPS. Still my instance was non-public and targetted on my beer and football friends. Of course it turned out that it is not easy to reach paople with a closed system. So we were in fact very few active users. During that time I've read a lot about OStatus and so on. It was not easy to get it in the beginning. I got an account to get in touch with other SN users beside the forums. For I had yet not used twitter, this was also something new to me and a first step into the microblog world. Coincidently and also luckily for me it was the time at the end of the year when many identicats have moved to their selfhosted StatusNet instances. So there was a lot of knowledge and assistance shared within the community. It was clear that I had to get a federated instance.

    addPlugin('OStatus'); opened the gates. I remember when I posted the first federated dent and got a reply from somebody. It was really fantastic.

    At this time I still had no idea how meaningful the StatusNet community would become for me personally and still is. !vivalafederation

    ... to be continued. #statusnet


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