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Fifteen years ago tomorrow I published the first post on the fediverse.


It's still visible on Identi.ca today, although the URL format changed a few years ago, and the redirect plugin stopped working a few years after that.


Thanks to everyone who made identi.ca a great place to be, and thanks to everyone who's expanded the fediverse since then.

Someday soon-ish I'd like to have identi.ca working with ActivityPub. When I get the time for it!

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Thank you for making all this possible what's happening for all the years.

The plan to revive identi.ca is mindblowing. I notice my profile picture is broken. I have to fix that before the launch.

morph at 2023-05-17T19:45:43Z

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"Someday soon-ish I'd like to have identi.ca working with ActivityPub" this would be the greatest thing of all times. 

Jim Fulner at 2023-05-30T20:02:30Z

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