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If only they were as freedom-respecting as the ones that the FSF already gave that title to:

Jason Self at 2015-07-24T02:32:02Z

I agree that would be preferred.  However, all of their laptops have had Windows on them before (as far as I can tell).  So you are contributing to demand for used ThinkPads when you buy them, and thus increasing the value of new Windows-running ThinkPads (because they have higher resale value if more people want to buy them used).  I'd rather stay out of the Windows ecosystem altogether.

Denver Gingerich at 2015-07-24T03:23:02Z

Christopher Allan Webber likes this.

When someone is selling their ThinkPad, neither Lenovo nor Microsoft are part of that transaction so I fail to see any problem. Seems a poor argument to advance the sales of computers that are less free.

Jason Self at 2015-07-24T12:27:21Z

Resale value only makes sense for products that people expect to resell when they buy them. I don't think laptops are in that category, so I don't think we need to consider that factor when buying second-hand laptops. Buy the hardware that is possible to run all-free software on.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2015-11-11T22:16:41Z