Clay Hobbs

Stokes, United States

I'm doing things now! Like making a roguelike maybe? We'll see...


  • Thomas Cort

    Gatineau, Canada

    Electronics student who enjoys amateur radio (VA2EPR), running, geocaching, and developing free / open source software.


    I don't want to live here anymore.

  • Kev Macphail

    Lewis, United Kingdom

    A lewis man, proud dad, Christian, Linux user, podcaster (CCJam, Crivins, TuxJam), Bluenose & (N.O) Saints fan, Married to @lochiesangel

  • Jason Riedy

    East Point, United States

    Researcher in social network analysis / numerical methods / parallel computing. Terminally distracted.

  • Pierre Schmitz

    Bonn, Germany

  • Kennedy Bouvier

    Indianapolis, United States

    Uh, hi. I play Portal 2...I...uhhhhh...I play guitar! I like Muse. Um... I LIKE TURTLES!

  • Lady J

    Connecticut, United States

    Bi | paleo | atheist | swinger | music aficionado | Spanish speaker | debt-free | sex-positive | sarcasmist | activist | anti-TV

  • Christopher Allan Webber

    Madison, United States

    GNU MediaGoblin founder, former Creative Commons software engineer, python hacker, free software enthusiast, maker of weird drawings See: (Any pronouns are okay.)

  • mrs. stench

    stay at home mom who loves open source

  • Stephen Michael Kellat

    Ashtabula County, Ohio

    Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science. A Librarian Long, Long Ago. Podcaster. TeX User Group Member. Amateur Radio Operator (General Class). Occasional Writer. Ubuntu Member. Fediverse Explorer.

  • navigium

    Plaun dils Matts, Switzerland

    mathematician, ex-cyclemessenger, maths teacher, generally annoying people with his use of free software....

  • No one


    I'm trying to delete me account

  • Art Davis

    Albany, United States

  • x1101

    #nerd, #outlaw, #hacker, #freesoftware nut, #linux enthusiast, #metalhead, #scriptslinger, #twitterquitter

  • nybill

    New York, United States

    I've started a instance:

  • etech

    Pine View Manor, United States

    I love Linux, distro hopper, Ham radio op, electronics techi, Xfce lover

  • Jayson Fortune

    Chesapeake, United States

    Former Slackware user, current PCLOS user. Lover of photography and sailing. Huge news junkie! Created an app to post top five tagtrends.

  • Alex

    I love games and Bowie. And moaning about everything.

  • Hertatijanto Hartono

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    FOSS enthusiast and advocate

  • Ryan Finnie

    Reno, United States

    Hey, remember that one meme with the annoying part! Yeah!