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#Whatsapp alternatives

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Surespot, TextSecure and Xabber are !FreeSoftware ("Open Source") SMS/chat/message application. Thanks to Android-User 10/2013.

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There are lots of alternatives in #FDroid too. All of them not only #freesoftware #opensource, but also built from source, and downloadable from a repository you can trust (and being the repository freesoftware itself) :)

In the 'pure XMPP' side: Xabber, Tigase, Chatsecure, Yaxim, Beem, BombusMod

Non XMPP but being refactorized towards XMPP: Kontalk

I've tried myself and use frequently Xabber and Kontalk (2.x,non-XMPP), and now I'm beginning to try ChatSecure.

BTW I like to search and learn why a certain software is not in F-Droid (yet). Interesting comments about SureSpot and TextSecure.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-02-24T15:45:05Z

Yes, very interesting indeed.

Bernhard E. Reiter at 2014-02-24T16:45:16Z

maybe will become valuable soon, too.

mray INACTIVE at 2014-02-24T19:42:14Z

Jabber/XMPP FTW! \o/

JanKusanagi @i at 2014-02-24T20:19:58Z

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