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I'm betting most haven't seen the "To" field is empty and are only posting to followers.

Can you please pay attention to that? Otherwise, it's feeling pretty lonely out here on the public timeline :)

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This issue is an open bug, in fact. We would like to be able to make our posts public (or whatever, but not just "followers") by default. at 2013-07-13T14:46:11Z

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unless you made a parser for the hosefire json, is impossible to read a public timeline of non-following anyway

S. J. Cait at 2013-07-13T15:02:16Z

firehose, my bad

S. J. Cait at 2013-07-13T15:11:40Z

Right, Sorry I'm using the #puma app that makes it quite readable.

Freemor at 2013-07-13T16:58:30Z