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I am full of buzzwords. Currently working as Build Engineer at EnerNOC, Inc. Before that: Software Engineer, Support Engineer, Network Operation Center Engineer, System Administrator, so I know a lot about how to sound competent.

  • Terminology reminder

    Matthew at 2015-08-28T23:41:50Z

    "PC" stands for "personal computer". It is a generic term that implies nothing about a specific computer's hardware or software. There are PCs that run Windows, Mac OS, many different distributions of GNU/Linux, assorted varieties of BSD, and countless other operating systems.

    Certainly "Mac" is shorter than "Macintosh-branded hardware that runs Macintosh OS", but drawing a distinction between "Mac" and "PC" is inaccurate because Macs are generally a type of PC. And "for PC/Mac/Linux", as one game developer wrote, is nonsense in about five different ways.

    If what you mean is "Windows", you should say "Windows". Save yourself some misunderstandings!

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    But saying you own a "Mac" is so much cooler, man! xD

    JanKusanagi at 2015-08-28T23:44:42Z I SO get your point and am frustrated by it too, but this is one of those cases where we need to bend to common parlance. Just like Kleenex actually refers to a specific brand of facial tissue but has come to be used to refer to any facial tissue, replacing the mor correct term 'tissue'.

    It is also important to remember the many, many people using computing devices have zero idea that the OS can be switched out.

    Also its not the job of the person marketing the game to educate but to get the game on as many machines as possible. And that mean using common parlance to make it more "friendly".

    Freemor at 2015-08-29T00:21:57Z

  • Pre-orders for Jolla Tablet now open!

    at 2015-08-20T17:10:53Z

    Jolla Tablet pre-orders start now! Here's your chance to pre-order your own award-winning Jolla Tablet from this limited batch.

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  • Tim Dobson at 2012-12-04T15:44:01+00:00

    Hooray. I have a raspberry pi. Now I can not do anything with it, just like everyone else!

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    @tdobson It's nearly Christmas. Get some LEDs and a soldering iron and make use of those GPIO pins! :-P

    James Tait at 2012-12-04T16:40:03+00:00