Justin Washu O'Brien threethirty@identi.ca

Richmond, United States

Gonzo Technologist, Community Advocate, Oggcaster, blogger, Free Culture/Software and Civil Lib Advocate, Hacker, etc


  • James Michael DuPont h4ck3rm1k3@identi.ca

    Hopewell, NJ

  • philslade philslade@pumpity.net

    in West Sussex, UK.

    I work as a gardener. Keen on Transition Towns - http://www.transitionnetwork.org/ Not techy so running a Puppy Linux ( http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview and Getting Started.htm ) live cd on an old XP box

  • Scorpio20 Scorpio20@microca.st

    KZN, Republic of South Africa

    Was using Identic.ca before. A guy interested in Free Software, Debian, python n other Openid: https://launchpad.net/~anban https://en.gravatar.com/scorpioat20 http://communicationfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/pump-io-tips/

  • freedeb freedeb@pumpdog.me


    Licensing nerd who also likes noisy music and cooking at home. GNU MediaGoblin community person and OpenHatch supporter.

  • freedeb freedeb@pumpity.net

    Cambridge, MA

    I like free software, noisy music and tasty food.

  • timawa timawa@microca.st

  • Denver Gingerich ossguy@identi.ca

    Upper Fraser Valley

    My views are my own. I work part-time at Software Freedom Conservancy and full-time on JMP.

  • nybill nybill@identi.ca

    New York, United States

    I've started a status.net instance: http://sn.gunmonkeynet.net

  • Denis Shivachi zancky@identi.ca

    Kom, Kenya

    Humble,simple and lovable.

  • Ahmet A. Sabancı ahmetasabanci@identi.ca


    Writer/researcher/activist/journalist. Writes about weird and deadly interesting.

  • Vincent Batts vbatts@identi.ca

    Raleigh, United States

    mindful, geek

  • doodleberry skp1@identi.ca

    Houston, United States


  • P13RR3 extua@identi.ca

    Oxford, United Kingdom

    now turn off your computer and go start some trouble

  • Carl Richardson carlrson@identi.ca

    San Francisco, United States

    Since the first iPhone, technology has fascinated me. Now keeping an eye on all things tech.

  • wirote srethong riders@identi.ca

    I worked at Pheutu-dom Primary Healthcare Unit.A head of Officer.My PCU services healthcare for the people in Pathumtani Province.

  • Mo mohammond@identi.ca

    Indianapolis, United States

    I am 28. I work with mentally handicapped adults. 2 kids. Love movies...well, GOOD movies!

  • Steven Rosenberg passthejoe@identi.ca

    Los Angeles, United States

    Steven Rosenberg writes about many things. I currently run Fedora Linux on my personal hardware, Windows on my non-personal hardware.

  • R2 Articles r2articles@identi.ca

    My link blog. Sharing interesting stuff here so I don't blow up peoples timelines.

  • وليد سعود wssr@identi.ca

    Waleed Saud

  • Mikael inscius@identi.ca

    West Gothia, Sweden

    tzag! This will be my one and only active pump-presence. For statusnet/friendica connectivity I am inscius at quitter.se. My website is http://inscius.se - See you here and there :)