Dr. Yoshev Omed tinydoctor@identi.ca

I'm a Pentecostal Atheist putting on a tent show revival speaking in tongues & witnessing to the Word of not god but the Mammon of meaning


  • Windigo windigohasmoved@identi.ca

    Glens Falls, United States

    Now on my own instance - check it out! http://micro.fragdev.com/windigo

  • Steven Gardig patcito@identi.ca

  • Dvd Mrsdn dvdmrsdn@identi.ca


    Another url, another planet.

  • A. Mitchell aem76us@identi.ca

    Seattle, United States

    Looking for my keys.

  • ducuchu ducuchu@identi.ca

    Setul, Guatemala

    Poema biográfico: Como árboles, Mario Benedetti

  • Ron K. Jeffries ronkjeffries@identi.ca

    Arroyo Grande, United States

    Watch, listen, read, write. Rinse and repeat as needed. Writing a book about the torture and murder of a 15 year old girl, Dystiny Myers, September 25/26 2010 in Nipomo, CA. http://ronkjeffries.pen.io

  • Haris bin Ali haris@identi.ca

    Kampung Tongka, Malaysia

    moving back in?

  • Christopher Allan Webber cwebber@identi.ca

    Madison, United States

    GNU MediaGoblin founder, former Creative Commons software engineer, python hacker, free software enthusiast, maker of weird drawings See: http://dustycloud.org/ (Any pronouns are okay.)

  • Susan Pinochet sdp0@identi.ca

    Atlanta, United States

    avid computer user, former programmer, lover of good design, armchair philosopher, lesbian homemaker

  • Dave Riddell tentillum@identi.ca

    Bamfield, Canada

    Environmental scientist and educator | Musician and photographer

  • Janet Hawtin lucychili@identi.ca

  • frankenspock frankenspock@identi.ca

    Whitepine, United States

    Spent the night in the map room. I humanize the vacuum.

  • Lee Daniel Crocker lcrocker@identi.ca

    Free software developer, poker player.

  • sharon brogan sbpoet@identi.ca

    Introvert. Poet. Blogger. Snapshotter.

  • Amy Phetamine amyphetamine@identi.ca

    New York, United States

    sometimes further out of context here, than elsewhere.

  • Sherry Chandler bluegrasspoet@identi.ca

    I love goldenrod, black-eyed susan, and the old worn-down mountains of the east.

  • Space Hobo spacehobo@identi.ca

    Orbital Jungle over Svalbard


  • Robin Sheat eythian@identi.ca

    Wellington, New Zealand

    Free software fan, programmer, (former) AI masters student, industrial and metal music appreciator. Now working at catalyst.net.nz

  • qarrtsiluni literary magazine qarrtsiluni@identi.ca

    News about qarrtsiluni, its contributors, and items of related interest. Q. is an online lit mag with a continuous publication pattern.

  • ernie dulanowsky pulsewidth@identi.ca

    wireless LAN support drone by day, sound art, noise and drones by night